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Athena helps to simplify sport federations management, it allows a better control over information and helps you save time through collaboration.


By and for sports federations

Athena is a web platform born out of the collaboration between people from the United World Wrestling federation and Antistatique web agency.

Athena is tailored for sports federations, no matter size or activities. Athena can adapt to different needs. The application allows membership and competition management. Optimize organization and communication with build-in tools and services in one place. Handle tasks, roles and delegate to local teams for athletes and referees management. Workload is efficiently distributed. And it works in all web browsers!


For real needs

Antistatique has been collaborating with teams at the United World Wrestling federation. Analyzing how the federation is working was the starting point to identify needs regarding information management. Solutions where then designed, tested and build on a global and local level.

Use Athena

Handling athlete lists or organize a competition requires a lot of effort. Many people involved and often too many information in different places. Antistatique has build a platform to overcome thoses challenges: it's name is Athena. This web solution regroups all the functionnalities for your teams to handle all the information inside your federation.

Answers to federation specific challenges


Complete edition over athletes lists: first and last name, birthdate, federation, suspensions, competition history, etc. License attribution and ID verification


Referees with their specificities: competitions levels, training sessions to participate in upper category competitions, suspensions, etc.


Athena helps you to organize and manage competitions for different categories.


The system allows licenses management, needed for athletes and referees to participate to competitions. Purchases, secured payment, medical certificates, history: local federations have control over membership.


Athena handles different levels of responsibilities and hierarchy: for international and national federations (President, committee and team members), athletes, referees, coaches. Roles have different attributes and access to different sets of functionalities.

Custom made

Each federation has specific needs: Athena is flexible enough to fit those needs.




The solution has been developed with professionals from different federations. This knowledge was crucial to propose well crafted answers to real needs for teams and athletes

Reduced workload

National federations, athletes, referees and any participant can have access to the application: so they can update their own information. Athena allows you to delegate this work to minimize the effort necessary to update the system.

Everywhere, for everyone

Available on smartphones, tablets or desktop computers, Athena stands where and how you work. Athena is also multilingual (it speaks eastern and western languages, as well as Chinese or Japanese).


Athena is build for the content to always be up-to-date and for the federations to invest in a long term solution. Robust and updated technologies shape the core system. We can, for instance, generate real-time QR codes that will allow to find and share in more convenient way a set of information.

Swiss quality

We are proud of the Swiss quality and we foster the watchmaker level of craftsmanship in our work. Athena was build to adapt sport federations needs. People are at the center of all our design and efforts (User Centered approach). Custom solutions are therefore easier to produce.

Open Source

Antistatique design and develop solutions based on open and free technologies (Open Source). We know by experience they can be trusted, they are of quality, safe and stable.


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